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What We Heard

What We Heard

Many thanks to everyone that provided us with feedback in person, through writing, by filling out surveys, and interacting with our various social media feeds. Your time and efforts to make Chinatown, and by extension Calgary, a better place is much appreciated. We connected with over 300 participants in-person, 170 online, had ~300 engagements over social media, and collected nearly 600 ideas. The first section below summarizes the results of survey 1, and the second section provides a brief overview of the themes that emerged from all the comments provided.

Survey Results

~200 surveys were completed, 160 in-person and 40 online.

As you can see, on average, at least 80% of all survey respondents either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that the proposed designs were reflective of the core guiding principles.

Reinforces cultural & historic character

    Provides cultural recognition

      Enhances the pedestrian experience

        Enhances public safety

          Creates a community for all

            Provides a variety of gathering spaces

              Commercial space supports culture

                Improves mobility around Chinatown

                  Key Themes

                  The following10 key themes were distilled from the comments/ideas submitted through online and in-person surveys, notes from interviews and conversation groups, written feedback at open houses and pop-ups, and emails.

                  Key Feedback Themes & Frequency of Occurence

                  Of these themes, “placemaking” is the most popular thematic category by far, which involves comments and ideas regarding spatial and social programming, amenities, green spaces/gardens, art, iconic structures, types of restaurants and retail.

                  The graph below gives a sense of the popularity of the top 8 placemaking ideas that emerged from this process.

                  Most prominent placemaking ideas

                  All comments received are transcribed as-is in the “verbatim comments” section, should you wish to peruse them.

                  We have read and considered all your comments, and from this point on, the project team will decide which items fit in with the larger vision of this site, and how to incorporate them into programming”